Kid Picked Last

This is the new project of Derek Ausseresses, formerly of Safe So Simple. Derek is currently working on his first release with renowned producer Nick Ingram (Hawthorne Heights, Hotel Books, City Lights) at Capital House Studios and if the first single, “Meant for More” is any indication, we are in for a treat. When listening to a song, the first thing I noticed are the lyrics. And in 2018 pop punk these are some of the most honest and true lyrics I have heard. We have doubters and sometimes we need to shut them up, they need to be silenced. This song is just that and I love it.  I also dig the throwback pop punk sound that the single has. This is my anthem for 2018.


Centerfolds rose from the ashes of beloved pop-punk band Cowabunga. A band that many were heartbroken over their demise. I was one for those for sure. So, when this band appeared a little of that pain vanished. If you like your pop-punk a bit more upbeat, then this is for you. I’m at times reminded of Daggermouth, another band I miss. What really did it for me was when I finally caught them a few months ago. Their set was one for the books and I look forward to their return to Columbus and the pizza dungeon.

A Story Told

West Virginia appears to be an untouched goldmine for music these days. Yearling, Riviera, What’s Missing, Rozwell Kid, and A Story Told, the one that this piece is about, all hail from the Mountain state. That’s an impressive list.  Over the last few years A Story Told has built their fanbase at a rapid rate due to constant touring.  Last year they signed on with It’s All Good Booking, an upcoming booking company that is killing the game at the moment. Ten books say if you have gone to 3 pop-punk, emo, or indie shows in the last 2 weeks, one of them was out together by IAG. Anyways enough about IAG, we can talk about them another time. The aspect that really sticks out about A Story Told is their live tour. They are a band you need to see live to truly appreciate them.  I would even say they are one of my favorite bands to see live at the moment. If pop rock is your poison, this is a band I highly recommend you listen to.