60 Ohio artists to watch (according to 3 nerds)

  • Sandeep Sehbi

    I’m excited for the coming year.

    • Sandeep Sehbi

      People who deserve an honorable mention: Counterfeit Madison

    • Sandeep Sehbi

      People who also are worth mentioning: Counterfeit Madison, Gelatinus Cube, Conversion Delay ++

  • Steve Dustcircle

    No UP ALL NIGHTS? One of the best live, raw garage bands in the area (Columbus).

    • Sandeep Sehbi

      they’re great for sure. all rad people, excellent live show.

  • Tiffany Huff

    And friendly faux, the deeptones, actually, I think this year is gonn be rockin. Can’t wait!

  • Jay Jobes

    Hey!! I’m JayJobes an independent rapper from Columbus, Ohio!! I just recently released my debut EP “Where the Gane Starts” on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/WTh2_. You guys seemed to have missed me on the list! Lol, check me out. Lemme know what you all think!! Thank you.

  • mike

    You forgot We are the Movies!!!!