A few years ago, I reviewed a single by a local band. It was a good single, A fun single. It was one of those songs that transported you to somewhere else. I dig that about music. That band was Tourist Trap. Fast Forward to now and I’m reviewing their EP, Going Postal. While it doesn’t have the same feel as that single, this is a solid release. And if you still haven’t given it a chance, you really should. And I’m going t o give you a few reasons why.

Above I mentioned how that single was fun, that element is very much still here. The first track, “Detour” jumps right into that. It’s an upbeat number that will have you on your feet dancing in no time. It’s one of those songs that you just can’t help but have a smile on your face while listening to it.  It at times has a throwback feel to it, that early 2000s rock sound, a la; The Strokes, The Artic Monkeys, The Libertines, and bands of the like. That’s a good thing, as it’s time for that sound to come back around. Another standout track is “Say”. This one is a little more laid back than the others, but it still rocks. It has a nice smooth groove to it. The members of Tourist Trap call their brand of music “porch punk”, this track is very much what I envision that to be.  I’m a fan of front porch sitting, be it alone or with friends. If with friends, a guitar is nice. And this is the type of song that might be played.  I really enjoy the vibe on this track. It’s so chill. Roberto Bryer’s vocals go along with the music so well. My favorite track on the EP is “Sox”. It’s another one that just grooves. It’s also just a fun rock song. I can’t help but bob my head when I hear it.  Towards the end there is a guitar solo that is outstanding.

Yes, this is a fun album but it’s more than that. These gentlemen can play their instruments. This is a very talented band. That is obvious throughout this release. I mentioned the vocals of Roberto Bryer above, it’s just not that song, dude can straight up sing. He adds so much to this band. The guitar playing of Nathan Weirich is at the forefront of most of the songs. I really would love o chat with him about his influences. At times he has a blues sound and it adds so much more. Then there is Zach Barnes on the low ends, he is hands down one of the most underrated bassist in Columbus, if you don’t believe me start with the track, “Fox Paws”.  For the recording they had Steve Hatmaker from Zoo Trippin’ fill in, so you know the drums are on point.

One more thing, if you are local to Columbus, you need to see them live.  One of the best live bands in the city. And now with this awesome EP out, I can only imagine their live show is only going to get better. So, if you have a second, I would check this EP out. You won’t be disappointed.