RÓSA – The Taste of Another EP

RÓSA, is one of the more creative groups out of the emerging pop rock/dance/what have you movement (I don’t even know what to call it anymore). “Without You” was a favorite single of ours last year, with it’s vaguely downtempo but still dancey composition. We also enjoyed the M83-esque explorations of songs like “Savage” back when the band was still called WYLDR.

The group is back with another EP and I find myself begging them to come out East, if not to the Midwest. If LANY and M83 married and then cloned themselves something like this EP might result. It’s wistful but neither overly dark nor cheerful. The songs teeter on the sensual without being overtly so. We also travel through time a bit while never really deviating from the band’s signature sound.

Each of the songs has something noteworthy to bring to the table, and satisfies the old adage “leave em wanting more.” “Nightmare” brings us guitarwork and tones vaguely reminiscent of U2. “Don’t Force It,” comes at us with a groove that could have been plucked right out of the 90s, with a melody that is warm and encouraging. “Stranger” has some galactic guitar melodies and tones that could have come from the 80s, while “Every Time I Think Of You I Hate Myself” seems content to hang out in the clouds, in spite of it’s darker subject matter.

All in all, RÓSA seems to getting more cohesive in their sound, and I applaud their approach of releasing music a little bit at a time. Especially when bands are still honing in on their identity, full lengths are often risky and inconsistent.

Now, it’s time to lobby LANY and M83 to take these guys on tour. We think the music is the right combination of being emotional and fun, with a little bit of wonder injected in, to help them continue to progress.

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