more new new for you you [single reviews]

Sucre – “Inside”: Honestly, if Darren King is involved is there much of a chance I’m not going to love it? Not really. But I spent most of this song going “Wow, that’s a neat groove” or “cool effect!” or “those visuals, though” instead of thinking about how catchy the song is (or isn’t). It actually is catchy, though. But the depth of what’s going on can cause one to lose sight of the big picture. This isn’t really a bad thing, though. If you like Phantogram you’ll love this.

Mammoth Grinder – “Blazing Burst”: Just because I feel like confusing people, had to throw in this song from “extreme metal trio” Mammoth Grinder that landed in my inbox this week. If you’re here for Sucre, you might hate this. But that’s okay. I needed something loud to balance out all this color. And this is pure rage expressed very artfully. I’m a fan of walls of sound, whether they are painted happily or not.

The Decemberists – “Severed”: If “The Perfect Crime Part #2” had a third, synth heavy part, it might be this song. I fully expected the masses of Decemberists fans to speak up in hatred of the synthpop direction but I haven’t seen that. Good. We all need a bit more analog synth in our life. Are you tired of me using the word “synth” in this review yet?

Saxon – “They Played Rock and Roll”: Alright, since I threw in that Mammoth Grinder song I felt I needed to balance this out with another rock banger. This is a new song for the folks that long for the good old days of no frills rock music. Ridiculous guitar solos abound with monster riffs and callbacks to a time gone by are present here. This 29 year old probably isn’t the target audience but I find this enjoyable.

Oberon Rose – “Tell Me All About It”: I knew I had to make like the song title and tell you about it when I heard that triumphant intro riff. Artists with major keys in their guitar riffs just know the way to my heart, man. That quiet left turn in the middle of the song just makes me love it more. Here’s hoping this New England psychedelic pop band rolls my way soon.