His Dream of Lions – Pseudo Star EP

His Dream of Lions seem to be embarking on a self-commentary of sorts with the release of their new Pseudo Star EP.

What exactly is a Pseudo Star? They seem to be exploring this both sonically and lyrically.  “Love Me Like I’m Sick” kicks things off with a pop punk meets mainstream indie pop sound, with lyrics about how they’re afraid to fully live but don’t wanna die, so therefore the object of the singer’s affection should love him like he’s sick. Could this be one way someone can be a pseudo star? Have you ever wanted to succeed at something really badly yet been afraid of what would happen if you actually did so? This song seems to be one way of the vocalist process the prospect of the band being rising stars.

They want notoriety, but they are also afraid of it.

In spite of all the band’s mixed emotions, they sing in “Killer Trip” that “I’m pretty optimistic despite my recent misses.” Always a good perspective to have, gents. “Magic” another highlight, with on point harmonies, poignant melodies, and a nice little key change at the end.

As I was listening to this EP my first time through I had the thought that the definition of a scene kid is changing. In years past, Katy Perry, Gym Class Heroes and PVRIS have had their big breaks on Warped Tour. They all went on to become pop radio stars. It is possible that part of the reason Warped is calling it quits after this year is because they saw the writing on the wall and notice the misfit young folks of the music scene are flocking more to pop acts in droves – those that are daring to write about the tough issues and not just stay in safe love song territory. Why do I bring all of this up? His Dream of Lions definitely fits into this paradigm of pop acts, yet they exist right in that transitional paradigm. They have found that niche that Twenty One Pilots and The 1975 have found. They have enough angst in their music to grab some of that straggling punk scene, yet they are poppy enough for the teeny-boppers.

2018 could be very interesting for these gents. Keep an eye on em.

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