I really dig the fact that the Kettering, OH 4-piece pop punk band Life in Idle is on this show.  I’m of course going to tell you why. So here it is, this band has played here so often that it feels like that are local to Columbus. They come to town and they are treated as if they are. People love to see them. Over the past year or so they have grown so much as a band and on me as well. This is a band that I’m going to tell you not to miss on Saturday. They will impress you. I also love the fact that they are young, so they are only going to continue to grow as a band. They also recently released an album, She’s Out to Get Me.  So yeah go check that out before the show on Saturday. Here are vocalist/guitarist David French’s top five albums. Enjoy!!!!

Boxcar Racer

Not only was Boxcar Racer one of my first albums, it was and has been a favorite of mine since the first listen. The music is so genuine, and I love the darker feel to the music!

Pretty Odd- Panic at The Disco

PATD’s second album Pretty Odd mimics a Beatles vibe and was one of the first albums to show me that a band doesn’t have to have one sound. The genre changes from their first to second album spoke volumes about Panic and still to this day serves as a great reminder to me to write what I want to write.

Throw Up Your Hands for One Night Stands-Freshman 15

Freshman 15 wrote this album perfectly. I love the vocal harmonies and the energy that they bring with their music. I hope one day they get back together so I can see them live.

Something for Nothing-Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

Something for Nothing was the first easy-core album I ever listened to. Alex is actually the one who showed me Chunk! and I instantly fell in love with their music.

Dude Ranch- Blink 182

No matter where I’m at with music or life, whenever I listen to Dude Ranch I’m always going to want to write more punk.