Fashion Week is back with new single ‘Tell Me Something’

By Lieke Ruesink. Photo credit: Jared Heveron

Alternative rock band Fashion Week has released a powerful new single, along with an enchanting music video that came out earlier this week. ‘Tell Me Something’ is a song about feeling depressed, but wanting to get back up. It tells a story of someone who feels desperate to connect to life again.

Fashion Week is a band from Columbus, Ohio that have been around for a couple of years. Throughout their EPs, their sound has changed a lot, settling now for a rock-vibe along with rich lyrics in their new single ‘Tell Me Something’. The song draws you in from the first seconds, in which the compelling lyrics “tell me something good” and the powerful bassline grab you. The song has a strong instrumental build-up, leading up to a powerful ending. The lyrics are relatable and although overall it is a sad song, they do give hope for a better tomorrow: “Tell me everything will be alright, ‘cause it’s not tonight”.

The music video, shot and directed by upcoming videographer Jay Whitehead, shows the journey of the song’s protagonist through a dark London. The images go hand in hand with the sound, cleverly edited together to form a distinctive story. Like the song, the video is built up in a way that draws you in. It starts off slow, but picks up speed as the song does too. Through the video, you can feel the desperation the protagonist feels to connect to life. He makes his way through a busy city, seeing only unfamiliar faces, in search for something or someone. There is a certain feeling of paranoia to it as well, a feeling of being followed. The video ends how it started: with a haunting close-up of the protagonist’s face, looking straight into the camera. It leaves you wondering, and wanting to hit replay.

You can listen to Fashion Week’s new single on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5cTyvLC4h4KdyYM0jas6HP?si=_JhpzDHCRaaJa26Yvx76xg.