Concert Photography: The Story So Far & Turnstile at Skully’s

Words and photos from Michael Buchsieb

Earlier this month, Pop Punk and Hardcore heavyweights The Story So Far and Turnstile were wrapping up a fall tour. Stopping in Columbus for a sold out show at Skully’s. With both headliners on the verge of releasing new albums, the anticipation for this show was very high.

Supporting opener Drug Church started the night with rhythmic chaos and fun riffs, while also reminding the crowd to care for one another and stage diving lessons in-between songs.

Turnstile took the stage soon after, and as soon as the feedback of guitars came through the amplifiers; people already began crashing the stage to dive off. Turnstile played a fast and electric set, with old and new songs alike. The set went on like a blur, energy through the roof between the crowd and the band. Before closing with “Blue by You”, and proudly proclaiming their roots in Columbus, Turnstile gave quite the show to remember.

The Story So Far closed the night, and opened their set with their 2013 hit “Empty Space”. Playing their new single as well as hits off of both albums “Under Soil and Dirt” and “What You Don’t See”. I’ve always really enjoyed TSSF, but recently haven’t listened to them as much as I used to, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying their set. They put on a great show and I couldn’t help but sing along while photographing the set.

Please enjoy the photos from the night, and don’t miss your chance to see The Story So Far or Turnstile the next time they come through town.